Grading Scale

Grades are used as a quantitative measure to indicate a student’s academic progress. King Graduate School transcripts record letter grades. Each letter grade has a numerical value (on a 4 point scale), and a numerical average range (on a 100% scale). The King Graduate School grading scale is as follows:

Grade  Value  Definition 
A 4.0  Excellent 
B+  3.5  Very Good 
3.0  Good 
C+  2.5  Above Average 
2.0  Average 
0.0  Failure 
0.0  Incomplete – at a designated time this grade will change to a grade of F 
AW  0.0  Administrative Withdrawal 
The following grades are not computed in the Grade Point Average (GPA): 
Satisfactory Completion 
UW  Unofficial Withdrawal 
AU  Audit 
PL  Prior Learning 
PR  Proficiency Credit 
TR  Transfer Credit