About King Graduate School

The King Graduate School faculty is committed to facilitating learning and student achievement of the competencies required in each of our graduate programs. In that spirit, students are expected to learn proactively, commit to discover, apply and disseminate knowledge, and to recognize life-long learning as the path to successful professional and personal accomplishment.

Our approach places particular emphasis on the competencies that are critical to participant success:

1. The development of personal leadership qualities

2. The ability to communicate effectively

3. The ability to adapt to and manage change

4. The ability to engage in creative, strategic, and critical thinking

5. The ability to apply theories, concepts, and experience to real world situations


The King Graduate School prepares students to understand the unique characteristics of urban communities around the globe and to have a positive impact on them through a focused curriculum and applied research.

We value,

  • A commitment to teaching and learning in the areas of business and entrepreneurship, accounting, computer science, criminal and social justice, public health and safety, hospitality, and tourism.
  • An integration of local, national, and international perspectives
  • A practical, research-based approach to improving communities