President's Message


Welcome to Monroe College!


Monroe College provides the educational foundation upon which successful careers are built.  We offer an education that combines academic excellence and personalized attention with the single goal of fostering student success. Everything that happens at Monroe College — from the initial admission inquiry to the day students walk across the stage at graduation and become alumni — is part of the Monroe experience of excellence.  Everyone at the College is dedicated to students' professional and personal achievement.


Our undergraduate curricula provide a solid general education foundation and offer a broad range of professional disciplines from which students select a major area of study. The College is responsive to the contemporary environment, blending theory with practical application in an atmosphere that encourages community interaction and learning.  Our unique three semester academic calendar assures that students graduate and enter the next phase of their professional lives more quickly. Monroe faculty are experienced, knowledgeable professionals and caring educators, committed to instructional excellence.  In addition, students find a helpful, involved staff and meet fellow students who become valued friends and colleagues.


Monroe graduates develop the competencies and confidence to pursue meaningful career paths.  This is vital for those intending to enter the world of work immediately after graduation and those planning to continue formal education. Our graduates know that Monroe is a lifelong partner, offering the collegiality of a strong alumni network, career advancement services, financial wellness programs and, of course, a place to always call home.



 Stephen J. Jerome


Stephen J. Jerome