Foundation Workshops

A special feature of the King Graduate School is the Foundation Workshop series offered over the course of each academic year. The series consists of individual workshops covering concepts fundamental to King Graduate School coursework. Each workshop is given in a blended-learning format, featuring a self-paced online component and an on-site two-day weekend seminar.


The Foundation Workshop series serves two primary purposes:

  1. To provide all King Graduate School students an opportunity to refresh their knowledge of fundamental concepts and/or sharpen specific skills as needed throughout their degree programs.

    Students may choose to attend any or all of the scheduled workshops. When offered, students may take the workshops as often as they wish.

  2. To introduce students to relevant knowledge and skills not included in their undergraduate studies.

    Upon review of their undergraduate transcripts, applicants will be informed about which of the Foundation Workshops are required. In such cases, students are required to participate in the related workshop and pass a competency exam at its conclusion. Students requiring one or more workshops are charged a fee of $150 per required workshop to have completion of the workshop and its related competency exam recorded in their student records.

Foundation Workshop Offerings:

The schedule of Foundation Workshops is available both online and in the King Graduate School office. The following workshops are included in the series:

KG-592 Foundations of Business, Management & Marketing

KG-593 Foundations of Accounting & Finance

KG-594 Foundations of Statistics

KG-595 Foundations of Graduate Writing & Research

KG-596 Foundations of Economics

KG-597 Foundations of Healthcare

KG-598 Foundations of Information Technology