Student Services

A hallmark of the Monroe educational experience is the level of personal and academic support provided through Student Services on each campus. Below is a listing of the offices designated to work with specific populations of students under the overall leadership of the Vice President of Student Affairs:

Bronx Associate Student Services Office

Mark Sonnenstein, King Hall,

Bronx Student Development Office

Karen Stuart, King Hall,

Bronx Bachelor's Program Office

Ted Goldstein, Jerome Hall,

School of General Studies Office

Matthew Avgerinos, King Hall,

New Rochelle Student Services Office

Stephen Schultheis, Main Hall,

St. Lucia Student Services

Rabab Abdalla,

Monroe Online Student Services

Pamela Della Porta,

Each student is assigned a Student Services Counselor within the appropriate office who connects the student to the campus community, ensures the student is progressing in his or her studies, assists the student with enrollment and other key procedures, and facilitates communication between the student and other offices of the College.