Stephen J. Jerome

Vice Presidents

Marc Jerome

Executive Vice President

Alex Ephrem

Senior Vice President/St. Lucia Campus

Alan Mintz

Senior Vice President/Chief Financial Officer

Anthony Allen

Vice President/Bronx Campus Dean

David F. Dimond

Vice President/New Rochelle Campus Dean

James Gathard

Vice President for Student Financial Services/Institutional Compliance

Roberta Greenberg

Vice President for Student Affairs

Evan Jerome

Vice President for Admissions

W. Jeff Wallis

Vice President for Academics/Chief Academic Officer

Karenann Carty

Associate Vice President for Academics

Donald E. Simon

Assistant Vice President for Governmental Affairs

Deans/Academic Department Chairs

Alexander Canals

Dean, School of General Studies

Frank C. Costantino

Dean, School of Hospitality Management and the Culinary Arts

Jacinth Coultman

Dean of Academic Technology

Marina Dadashev

Dean of Graduate Programs, King Graduate School, Bronx

Leuda Forrester

Chair, Medical Assisting and Pharmacy Technician

Carol Genese

Dean, Office of Career Advancement

Janice Girardi

Dean, School of Information Technology

Conrad S. Goldberg

Chair, Mathematics

Ted Goldstein

Dean, Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Roberta Harris

Dean of Graduate Programs, King Graduate School, New Rochelle

Jeanne Jordan

Chair, English/Social Sciences

Jerry Kostroff

Dean, School of Allied Health Professions

Acting Chair, Medical Administration and Public Health

Jacob Lamar

Chair, Accounting and Finance

Robert K. Lewis

Academic Dean, St. Lucia

Michael Marinaccio

Dean, School of Business and Accounting

Diane Ort

Deputy Chair, School of Criminal Justice, Bronx

Jennifer Ort

Dean, School of Nursing

Michele S. Rodney

Dean, School of Criminal Justice

Edward Schneiderman

Dean of Institutional Research/Registrar

Stephen Schultheis

Dean of Student Services & Retention, New Rochelle ,

Nilesh Shah

Dean of Student Financial Services Technology

Linda Silva-Thompson

Chair, Business Administration

Mark Sonnenstein

Assistant Dean of Student Services, Bronx

Asteria P. Villegas

Chair, School of Information Technology

Basil Wilson

Dean of Graduate Criminal Justice Program,

King Graduate School

Tracy Zimmermann CCC CHE

Chair, Baking and Culinary Arts


Ryan Alexander

Director of Financial Aid Grant Programs

John Arena

Director of General Services, New Rochelle

Brad Allison

Director of Graduate Admissions Outreach, Bronx

Gary Axelbank

Director of Public Relations

Jenny Jn Baptiste

Director of Financial Services, St. Lucia

Carolyn Bennett

Director of Residence Life

Erin Bernstein


Sandra Bronston

Director of Student Financial Services, New Rochelle

Nivia Camara

Director of Auxiliary Services

Villin Cruz

Bursar, Bronx

Michael Daly

Director of Facilities and &Transportation, New Rochelle

Katherine Dillon

Director of Housing

Josephine Dondero

Director of SGS Academic Center

Charlene Dujon

Director of Student Accounts, St. Lucia

Walter J. Eddie

Executive Director of Student Development & Residence Life, New Rochelle

Jane Farkas

Director of Loans

Sandi Feliciano

Director of Help Desk

Rebecca Floissac

Program Coordinator, Tourism and Hospitality, St. Lucia

Rafael Garcia

Director of Administrative Computing

Dean Garner

Director of Internal Auditing

Jerry E.M. George

Director of Outreach and Public Relations, St. Lucia

Barry Gordon

Director of Evening and Special Academic Programs, Bronx

Barry Greene

Director, Office of Career Advancement, Bronx

Linda R. Greene

Director of Financial Aid Policy/Professional Development

Cliff Hollingsworth

Director of Public Safety, New Rochelle

Carol Ickowitz

Director of Human Resources

Darryl Jarvis

Director of Public Safety, Bronx

Leslie Jerome

Director of Alumni Relations

Erdene Kims

Director of Freshman Financial Aid

Clem LaPietra

Director of Default Management

Angela Lauretano

Director of Library, New Rochelle

Gersom Lopez

Director of Admissions, New Rochelle

Singee Lam

Director of Asian Student Admissions

Heather MacCulloch

Associate Athletic Director

Harry McCaffrey

Director of Network Administration

Terrence McGowan

Chief Information Officer

Alan Mechanic

Director of Facilities, Bronx

Barbara Montoute

Director of Admissions/Student Services, St. Lucia

Kathy Murphy

Executive Assistant to the President

Keija Nichols

Director of National Admissions

Michael Niedzwiecki

Bursar, New Rochelle

Craig Patrick

Executive Director of Enrollment Strategy

Kristine Paulus

Chief Librarian

Emerson Phillips

Director of Admissions, New Rochelle

Wilson Polanco

Director of Web/Software Engineering

Pamela Randall

Director of Academic Technology

Lauren Rosenthal

Director of Outreach

Laura Sagastiverza

Director of Financial Aid Operations

Daniel Sharon

Director of Student Financial Services, Bronx

Bert Shillingford

Athletic Director

Ronald Simoncini

Executive Director of Public Safety, New Rochelle

Augustus Small

Director of Public Safety and Facilities, St. Lucia

Hilary Sullivan

Director, Office of Career Advancement, New Rochelle

Karen Stuart

Director of Student Development

Militza Vargas

Director of Graduate Admissions Outreach, New Rochelle

Christine Williams

Director of Testing, Bronx

Harry E. Jerome

President Emeritus

Mildred A. King

Director Emerita

Lucille Jerome

Director Emerita